Notice the Small Every Day

Small ladybug on a stem

It seems like we are meant to notice the large, the big, the humongous each and every day, Whether this be a story in the news or some extraordinary act of generosity — it always seems to focus on “big” things — literally and figuratively. It would seem in this case as in many others, “the bigger the better.” Noticing the small seems counter-intuitive.

This is why I am so inspired to stop and notice the small in the everyday. Sometimes it is in the smallest acts, things, people, and places that the greatest impact can be felt. There is truly something extraordinary watching a little ladybug crawl along a leaf. That bright red, polka dot body has purpose as it does its thing.

How about the little caterpillar that spins its small cocoon to take safe refuge as the body undergoes the transformation into the butterfly. Or the little hummingbird who waits patiently for you to fill your feeder so he can drink the nectar that he desperately needs to make his day sweet?

These are small natural wonders. There are also small acts of kindness taking place. Someone stops you and says, “Did you drop these keys?” Relief washes over you as you would have never gotten into your car to make that appointment if someone hadn’t noticed and given them to you. Small act, huge impact.

These small things are, in fact, small, but they do allow for great satisfaction when we notice them. The whole trick is to actually turn off the huge headlines and acts and tune into the small. It almost feels like a miracle to be able to do so.

I challenge you to become mindful today and notice something small. Something that no news headline will ever be written about, that makes no noise, that makes no drama just unfolds in its small way.

Small can mean significant. Notice the small. How does it feel?