Telehealth Counseling in New Jersey

Lisa has recently moved to New Jersey, returning to her East Coast roots from earlier in her life. After 21 years of being away from her home coast, Lisa is excited to serve people’s mental health needs in this area of the country which she now calls home.

During the height of the COVID pandemic, Lisa served the people of New Jersey when the State asked for mental health counselors to become temporarily licensed to serve the overwhelming needs in the state at that time. 

In order to preserve continuity of care for her clients in New Jersey, Lisa became fully licensed in New Jersey in 2022 just as she planned to move to the area. 

Today, Lisa lives in Jersey City and is able to provide her mental health counseling services for anxiety, depression, adult ADHD, grief, Multicultural counseling and career counseling to all those who reside in New Jersey and seek therapy via telehealth counseling. Further, she is able to meet in person with people who are interested in Walk and Talk therapy sessions in Jersey City, NJ.

Telehealth Counseling Services in New Jersey

Anxiety Therapy: I provide a safe and contained space for you to confide the worries, stress, uneasy feelings you are feeling today. Further, together we look at when those feelings first arose so we can gain an understanding of your history with anxiety throughout your life. From gaining an understanding of the roots of your anxiety, we can look at how to care and alleviate your anxiety in the here and now moment by working with how your body is carrying your anxiety, noticing how your mind interacts with your anxiety, and the connection between your mind and body as they interact together.

Depression Therapy: I provide a safe and contained space for you to open up about your history with experiencing depression and how you are feeling your depressive symptoms in the here and now. Uncovering one’s history with depression provides further understanding of the self and helps to deal with depression in ways that are proactive and healthy for one to alleviate her symptoms. 

Grief Therapy: I work with you to process your feelings about the death of your loved one or any other type of loss you are experiencing, giving time to process your experience and your feelings. Additionally, I work in the here and now moment to help you discern what you are noticing in your life after the loss and reflecting on how you are changing as time passes. 

Multicultural Counseling: I extend curiosity about you, seeks to understand your experience, offer empathy toward how you are feeling, validate you and your life, and think through how racism and oppression may be causing you distress in your life. As one who walks this line every day in my own life, I also recognize that each person’s experience is unique and cannot be summed up in the whole of a minority identity. Therapeutically, I am curious to know you.

Career Counseling: I attune to you and your unique challenges as you undertakes this journey of career transition. Growing the ability to notice, reflect, and make changes that are coming out of self-knowledge and awareness is a critical part of the work we will do together to help you make the career change you are seeking for yourself.

ADHD Counseling: I work with adults who are processing (often) a new diagnosis of ADHD that they have likely been suffering from since they were small children. Much of the work focuses on people being able to recall who they were as children and the effect ADHD had on their lives as they grew up. I also work in the here and now moment with people to help construct helpful ways of conducting their lives that help them to focus, pay attention, and be productive in their own lives.

If you’re interested in scheduling time with me, please reach out directly. I look forward to hearing from you!

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