Anxiety Therapist in New Jersey

What Is Anxiety?

The word anxiety is common in America today. It seems that everyone has some level of anxiety, which is defined as an apprehensiveness, uneasiness, and nervousness, often over some future event — but it can also pervade one’s day everyday. This would be a felt sense of chronic tension and worry that not only holds the mind hostage, but also affects the body. Although stress and worry on any given day is a normal part of being a human, anxiety speaks to chronic worry, tension, and upset that does not go away.

My Approach to Treating Anxiety

New Jersey THERAPY FOR anxiety

As a therapist in New Jersey who offers anxiety therapy, I provide a safe and contained space for you to confide the worries, stress, uneasy feelings you are feeling today. Further, together we look at when those feelings first arose so we can gain an understanding of your history with anxiety throughout your life. From gaining an understanding of the roots of your anxiety, we can look at how to care and alleviate your anxiety in the here and now moment by working with how your body is carrying your anxiety, noticing how your mind interacts with your anxiety, and the connection between your mind and body as they interact together with your anxiety.

Further, we will look at ways that are unique to you that may help alleviate your anxiety. Some of this may be related to your thinking patterns, and it may also include ways to relax your body and bring more joy into your life. Further, we can look at how you can accept what is going on rather than approaching through worry and unease.

I am open to working with your medical doctor to help you find a medication that may further help you treat your anxiety.

Common Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is very common and some of the feelings and symptoms that you may feel in a chronic, never-ending way includes:

  • Tension
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Stomach ailments
  • Nervousness
  • Uneasiness
  • Apprehensive stance
  • Excessive Worry

Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety is thought to be caused by a combination of factors including:

Genetics: Anxiety can run in families.

Environment: If your home, school and/or work environments are filled with pressure and stress, this can lead our minds to excessively worry without being able to stop.

Personality: Type A, ambitious, busy, high strung people are at risk for developing anxiety.

Trauma: Severe trauma can cause changes to your brain that may increase your risk for anxiety. As an example, children who have been abused may have a larger amygdala in their brain structure, which governs our “fight or flight” reactions to stress. In people who have experienced trauma at a very young age, this change in the brain can lead to anxiety related illness.

Sex/Gender: Statistics show that women are twice as likely to experience anxiety and related illnesses than men.

How Therapy Can Help Anxiety

Therapy for anxiety is a very common way to treat one’s anxiety. Telehealth therapy can treat anxiety by looking at your worries and concerns and talking about them with a therapist who can help you think through what is on your mind and reframe how to see these concerns and worries in a different light. This is commonly called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, where you will discuss your worries and negative, anxious thoughts and then combat these with another way at looking them, often reframing them in a more positive way. 

Further, therapists can help you determine specific ways to relax yourself including things such as exercise and meditation to relieve one’s anxiety. 

Finally, a therapist can work with your primary care doctor to determine if your anxiety should also be treated with medication.

If you’re interested in scheduling time with me, please reach out directly. My practice is via telehealth so if you are in New Jersey, Washington, or Maryland, I can serve you. I also offer limited in person and walk and talk therapy sessions in Jersey City if you prefer. I look forward to hearing from you!