Dear Therapist Column

Dear Therapist Column

So, this column is meant to answer any and all questions people have related to mental health, therapy, and other topics that may be on your minds. If you check out my website pages, there is a form you can fill out with your question. Check it out at the end of the page here.

I hope to hear from you!

However, I want to mention that I have received a few messages via the form inquiring about therapeutic services. I do receive the message, of course. However, unless you put in your contact information, there is no way for me to know how to contact you as the form is HIPAA compliant, protecting your identity.

As such, please head to the Contact Lisa page to reach out to me for therapy services. From there, I will either have your email address and/or your phone number to contact you.

During this mid-summer break, I just wanted to clarify the submission form and invite your questions and I also invite your inquiry for therapy services via the Contact Lisa page.