That Magic Age

That Magic Age

That magic age. What age is it for you? I recently heard someone say that 35 was their idea of that magic age where everything falls into place, there is no more issues or worries, and one can just be one’s self without any more hang ups.

Interesting! Does such an age even exist?

The older I get I don’t think there is a magic age. It feels like that each decade and the years within each offer its own lessons and magic based on what we have lived, learned, our attitude toward self, and what we anticipate as we look to the future. I often thought when I would get to a certain age then all of my problems would be over — well, those problems may have been, but new ones I have found arose at the same time.

I will say that getting older is interesting though. Even if you haven’t figured it all out, getting older seems to naturally wash away many of our hang-ups and earlier concerns of life. Age helps one to see things differently, which often makes those things that we were so worried about when we were younger fall away. Now there is some magic!

However, each age is to be cherished and relished each moment we are in that year of our lives. We will never have that year again and the “now” of what we are in is the most compelling year of all as that is what we are in – that is our present. And, truly, this is all we have at any moment. Yes, we can yearn to be a certain age, but this takes us away from where we are and learning in that year and calling it good.

May we all appreciate the year we are living in our lives. Indeed, that is the magic year!