Creativity Burst: A Snowy Walk

A Snowy Walk

My mind is on snow. We’ve had a few days of the winter white stuff out here in Seattle, which is actually unusual. Given I hail from the Midwest, it is not something uncommon for me to see, although it sort of is out in the Pacific Northwest. As such, when a snowy day arrives, what is there to do, especially if you are stuck at home?

Creativity burst time!

Put on your coat, gloves, hat, and boots, grab your partner or pooch or just yourself, and hit the snow with an easy walk. Have you ever noticed how quiet the world is when it snows? You could live in the middle of a city and even then when the snow descends, peace and quiet reign.

Instead of staying bundled up inside by a warm fire, get moving and take a walk. Once in the snow, it is a good opportunity to observe the natural world asleep under a blanket of snow. What do you notice? As you walk along, try to name what you observe, especially those things you would only see this time of year.

Now, dwell. In the quiet, in the snow, in what you have observed. Breathe it in, take it in, observe your partner or pooch taking it in, and be in the moment. Even a short walk can lead to feeling restored.

Further, when you return home, you can take your observations, musings, and other thoughts here and there to inspire the rest of your day. Ultimately, leading to a burst of creativity. A snowy walk can hold a breakthrough moment. Wait for it.