Creativity Burst: A Four Leaf Clover Walk

A Four Leaf Clover Walk for St. Patrick's Day
May the Luck O’ the Irish Be With You

May the luck o’ the Irish be with you today! Celebrate with a Four Leaf Clover Walk.

Even if you aren’t Irish, this is the one day that we all feel a little Irish as we celebrate the day together. Traditionally, I think of this day as one where people gather in pubs for a green beer, kids eat green cupcakes, gold chocolate coins jingle in pockets, and we lookout for little leprechauns of luck. OK, maybe that last one is only in our dreams. Yet, it is a day to remember the Irish and to bring a little luck into one’s life.

Today’s holiday is a bit different given we are asked to not gather together. No school, no work, no meeting at the pub — however, we are encouraged to get out into nature, as long as we keep our distance from one another. In that light, today is a perfect day for a four leaf clover walk.

It takes us out into nature. If you have children at home, what better way to spend part of the school day with them today? Bundle up and head to a park. When you arrive, give them the guideline that you are the hunt for four leaf clovers. If they have not seen them before, show them a few examples on line before you head out.

Now, these are not always the easiest to find. So, expand the hunt and let them find any items in nature that look like a four leaf clover, are just green, or any other item that remind them of Ireland. Afterwards, when you gather together, it will be a great opportunity to share what was found and why they picked up the items they chose. It is an opportunity to get creative and use one’s imagination in nature using this lucky Irish day as inspiration.

When you arrive home, pull out heavy card stock, glue, and any other art supplies you may have on hand and let your children create a lucky collage for the day. Not only will you have gotten out on an excursion for the day, but also had a chance to be creative on this special day.

Even without kids, take your own lucky break in nature and let your mind wander as to what reminds you of the Irish on this day. Pick up a few things and place them on your desk – or anywhere else in your home – to remind you of the beauty of nature and your own imagination to connect a holiday to the natural world.

It’s a lucky day! Get out into nature and find some four leaf clovers today!

Creativity Burst: A Snowy Walk

A Snowy Walk

My mind is on snow. We’ve had a few days of the winter white stuff out here in Seattle, which is actually unusual. Given I hail from the Midwest, it is not something uncommon for me to see, although it sort of is out in the Pacific Northwest. As such, when a snowy day arrives, what is there to do, especially if you are stuck at home?

Creativity burst time!

Put on your coat, gloves, hat, and boots, grab your partner or pooch or just yourself, and hit the snow with an easy walk. Have you ever noticed how quiet the world is when it snows? You could live in the middle of a city and even then when the snow descends, peace and quiet reign.

Instead of staying bundled up inside by a warm fire, get moving and take a walk. Once in the snow, it is a good opportunity to observe the natural world asleep under a blanket of snow. What do you notice? As you walk along, try to name what you observe, especially those things you would only see this time of year.

Now, dwell. In the quiet, in the snow, in what you have observed. Breathe it in, take it in, observe your partner or pooch taking it in, and be in the moment. Even a short walk can lead to feeling restored.

Further, when you return home, you can take your observations, musings, and other thoughts here and there to inspire the rest of your day. Ultimately, leading to a burst of creativity. A snowy walk can hold a breakthrough moment. Wait for it.