Book Review: The Night Before Christmas in Paris (Series)

Mrs. Claus Recipe for Self Care Right Here

A whimsical tale to celebrate Christmas and its spirit. Betty Lou Phillips and Roblyn Herndon teamed up to give us a delightful tale of cheer revolving around Mrs. Claus, rather than Santa Claus.

Mrs. Claus takes off to Paris in this little book to shop and enjoy herself — and stays a little too long for Santa’s liking. After all, Christmas is upon us! He hails the first sleigh to Paris to find Mrs. Claus, who is enjoying herself above and beyond.

This little series of books — there is also one that takes place in New York City, is all about taking a beloved story and modernizing it for today. More for adults than for children, this is not a story that will last through the ages, but I am happy to see the emphasis shift to Mrs. Claus and her adventures before the big day.

In many ways, in these books she is at the height of taking care of herself during the busiest season of the year. When I read through these little books, it’s a reminder to take time for myself and do as Mrs. Claus does in these little charming books.

It’s a perfect moment to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday week. I hope you have some special books that you enjoy pulling out this time of year and enjoying the special messages of the season.

Merry Christmas!