January Pleasures

January Pleasures

I often hear people say that January is full of the doldrums. The holiday season is over, 31 days lie ahead with cold, dark days. What to do?

For me, I am grateful to put the red and green away and move on from the year end holidays to something fresh and new. It also strikes me as a quieter time of year too so it’s full of space to focus on new habits, pick up something new, revisit old places, discover new ones. Space offers me a place to breathe into the New Year — this is one of January’s greatest pleasures for me.

Plus! I always notice by the end of January the days are growing longer. Hooray!

Here are a few of my January Simple Pleasures:

  • Crisp, Clear, Cold Days
  • Longer Days by month’s end
  • NFL Playoffs
  • Red and Green Gone
  • Holiday mid-month
  • New habits, thoughts, ideas swimming around my mind
  • Open days on the calendar
  • Fresh Start
  • Heart of Winter
  • Feeding the Hummingbirds
  • Winter Walks

Just my little list to remind myself of the pleasures that await me and everyone during this month.

Enjoy every moment!