Creativity Burst: Museum Art Collections On-Line

Browsing museum art collections inspires creativity on-line.
Colorful Art Online

One of the best parts of the Internet? Being able to be transported to places we often are unable to travel to such as museums. It is easier than ever with museum collections on-line.

One of the things I love to do the most is browse museums of art. For me, taking in great art – especially since I am not a visual artist in the least – not only inspires me, but allows my creative side to come out and play. Given I value great art as much as I do, I make time to head to my local museums and, when traveling, visit art museums as I am able to do so.

What I find absolutely amazing these days is that many major museums have on-line art galleries that one can peruse at her own leisure. Some of these museums collections on-line include: MOMA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museo del Prado, and The Tate. All of these museums are world class and world famous. Taking a few moments out of your day to head to any of these sites to look at some beautiful pieces of art feels like time out of time.

All of a sudden you are in that Museum taking in great works of art — right from your comfortable spot at home or anywhere else you may happen to be. Amazing, technology!

Within minutes my mind is full of artistic imagery, colors, design, characters, faces, landscapes, and more that whirl in my mind inspiring me to take flight simply by browsing museums collections on-line. A creative burst shoots forth. Perhaps I will be moved to a creative outpouring of some kind — it may not be creating a masterpiece, but it could be rather remarkable for your day.

If you love art and want a simple and easy way to take in an amazing collection, give on-line art collection browsing a try. You may find yourself moved without having to move a bit.