Book Review: Yes! What Would Jane Do?

Ah, Jane Austen, A perennial favorite author of mine down through the ages. Do you feel the same way? Now here is a woman who could write the truths of life, across all important facets of life, and hit the “nail on the head” with her sharp wit and astute observations about people. Her writing has stood the test of time for generations and will continue to do so for the ages to come.

I was completely delighted when a friend gave me the little quotable book, What Would Jane Do? that seems to answer all of the questions to any of our thoughts and ideas of a given situation from money to men to relationships to social cues and beyond!

Love Austen’s Voice

This book is perfect for your bedside table or a coffee table so that you can turn to a page or two each day and hear Austen’s voice on any number of topics. A particularly favorite part of having a collection of quotable books is picking up the book and randomly turning to a page — I feel like this random act that falls open to a surprise page is exactly what I need to hear in that moment.

Austen then speaks directly to me. From there, I know what Jane would do and I may also have some guidance on what i should do!

Happy quotable book reading!