Your Favorite Day of the Week

What’s Your Favorite Day of the Week?

Do you have a favorite day of the week? If so, which day is it and why?

It’s a little thing to notice, but there are 52 weeks in a year and so you have 52 favorite days in any given year for you to enjoy and relish. Yet, you first have to know it is your favorite day and why so you can celebrate it with gusto.

You may think it would be a weekend day, like Saturday or Sunday, but it doesn’t have to be one of those days. After all, some people work these days, have to do errands, or any number of other things that keep the weekend days from being favorites.

Others may love the hump day or Friday — closer to the weekend perhaps?

Some may even love Monday! When I owned my own tech business, I always woke up with a spring in my step on Monday mornings — ready to go!

Perhaps it’s a random day like a Tuesday because that is your day off. Whichever day it is for you, name it that, and relish it. For me, my favorite has to be Sunday — yes, it is a weekend day. Usually, it is slower than Saturday, which means there is less to do and I feel completely within my rights to take a long, languishing nap on the couch on a Sunday. Sometimes there are fun events on a Sunday, sometimes there is nothing to do and that’s fine by me.

It’s also the day that I am anticipating the new week to unfold. What will it bring? I can reflect on the past week and anticipate the new with some mindfulness. Of course, the alarm rings off shortly after Sunday and it’s “just another manic Monday,” but I feel like I had a rest. I call Sunday my favorite day of the week and I enjoy.

So, which day is your favorite?