Creativity Burst: Magazines

Tuesdays I plan on dedicating to creativity!

When you think of creativity, what comes to mind? Do you envision a writer humped over her desk hard at work in her fictional world? Perhaps you see an actor on stage learning lines and bringing a character to life. My mind sees a person in front of a great big canvass ready to paint bold images on their page. Alll of these life paths strike me as one of being a “creative.”

Being a creative doesn’t necessarily imply you have had a creative burst of anything. Rather these paths are crafted by diligently chipping away as we all must do in whatever path we are on today.

As such, finding creative muses on a daily basis seems to be a good place to start. A burst of creativity can plant a new idea in your mind, put a spring into your step, inspire you to be present in your life in ways that are new and fresh, and generally open you up on any given day to any and all available possibilities.

I seek out creative moments just for this purpose in my day-to-day life. It’s not always easy, but there are ways that seem easy and assessible for all of us.

One of these “easy” ways I have found is perusing and reading new magazines that I am not familiar with – such as Cereal. First, this magazine is not from the USA, but from the UK. Immediately my mind is transported to another land and a magazine that focuses on art, style, and travel from this perspective. All of a sudden I am reading interviews of artists and designers I have never even heard of, traveling via pictures to far flung places, and taking in art all within an easy amount of time.

What’s that that happens? A new idea pops in my head and I am off back to my keyboard with something new to say. Perhaps it will be creative, perhaps not, But the burst of creativity has given me renewed energy for my day.