The Long Rope of Restlessness

Roping in One’s Restlessness

All of us experience some level of anxiety. It’s normal. We are humans and we worry about a whole host of things – real and imagined in our minds. Most of what we are anxious over is never going to come to pass. Alternatively, it can definitely be something that is going to happen in a matter of time. Either way, how to calm one’s anxious mind amidst these stormy seas?

I have always been drawn to taking a few moments and picturing a thick, long piece of rope – sort of like the one in the picture in this post. In my mind, though, the rope is one long strand. I think about all of my worries and concerns and as I do in my mind I picture myself picking up one end of this heavy mental rope with my two hands.

I find it is hard to pick up the rope, but I struggle and pick it up. From there, I pull the rope in to myself — literally “roping in my restlessness.” As i pull it in to myself, I picture all of the knots and knobs of my worries and concerns related to whatever I am feeling anxious about.

I continue to pull the rope in to myself until I have none left, i.e. all of my concerns, cares, worries have been pulled in and gathered up. My restlessness regarding the matter is contained within me and to a large degree settled as I have faced all of the matter and pulled it in so that it does not have me flinging around in my mind making my life overwrought with anxiety, but rather I have allowed myself time to reflect, give time to the whole of the matter, and contain it within me.

All the while, I remind myself all of this will come to fruition and pass one way or another. After this little meditation, I am often able to move my mind and day on to other things that are no longer hampered by my anxious state.

Rope in your restlessness and calm your anxious mind.

Creativity Burst: Balloon Dreaming

Balloon Dreaming

We all know what balloons are – big bursts of color filled with air or helium that lift up toward the sky — often taking our spirits with them.

We also know what it means to dream – which takes place in our daydreams and at nighttime, of course.

So, what exactly is Balloon Dreaming? I like to think of it as a colorful, uplifting meditation that can be easily done any time and any place. It can be especially helpful if you are feeling anxious about a certain day or situation.

How can a Balloon Dream help you during these times?

Well, before your day begins — before you even stop out of bed – blow up a colorful balloon in your mind. One that is in your favorite color. For me, a bright green balloon fills my mind.

Then, I fill it while still in bed — I put in all of my fears and worries about the day ahead of me as well as give credence to all that could go well. Then I look at what has filled my bright green balloon. I try to make sure that there are equal parts of both positive and negative ideas/thoughts/images in my balloon. I may even push myself to fill it up with a bit more of the “good positive stuff” to make my balloon feel especially good for me, although I know it also safely contains my worries and fears too.

From there, I imagine blowing up my green balloon a little bit more — I know in reality this would not be possible once the balloon is tied, but in my meditative reverie, anything is possible.

I blow it up a little further for there to be room for the unexpected to come my way, to invite in what I do not know yet. To invite in surprise.

From there, I look at my balloon and I admire it for all it is holding for me.

As I head to bed that night, I pop the bright green balloon and see what the day actually brought. All of it has been contained by my balloon and now I am also able to see the surprises that were unveiled along the way.

Balloon Dreaming I call it. A creative meditation to hold all we feel toward any situation and/or day — as well as allows us to make room for all that we don’t know yet either.