Creativity Burst: Fluff Your Pillows

Woman fluffs the pillows

Creativity via fluffing your pillows? Say, what?

Here’s the thing about pillows.. Have you ever gotten out of bed, made your bed, thrown your pillows on the bed, and noticed how they sag and collapse, especially after sleeping on them for a few days in a row? Nothing like a sad sack pillow.

Here is an easy, fun tip to begin your day that may make it burst with some creative energy: fluff your pillows.

That’s right – just grab your pillows and “fluff them up.” Not only will you notice a lift in your pillows, but perhaps your mood too? You can punch them up, you can gently fold them up, you can throw them on the bed a few times — whatever you do — as your pillows fill up, your energy may move into a higher gear than you were starting out at in the wee hours of the morning.

I wonder if the simple act of fluffing a pillow will “fluff” your days in other ways? Perhaps you will be inspired to elevate how you see a stranger and pay the person a compliment. Perhaps you try a new dish for dinner to elevate your weekday meal? Perhaps you realize your pillows are past fluffing and decide to buy some new ones for comfort. The mere act of fluffing something may inspire you to fluff your life in some way.

If you want a list of ways to revive your old pillows, find it here. Revitalizing something flat like a pillow can also revitalize a part of you on any given day. It costs nothing, takes a few moments, and not only will your bed look better, but you may as well.

In this way, a fluff here could lead to a burst of creativity elsewhere. Fluff away!