Creativity Burst: Dyeing Easter Eggs

Dyeing Eggs
A Spring Tradition

Happy Spring. For many people, this is Easter week in the Christian church. It feels a little strange this year given most are unable to gather for worship services or a big Easter Brunch. I had plans to celebrate, but the holiday and the week will be far less grand as I continue — like you – to “shelter in place.”

However, we can still keep some of our traditions that are creative, colorful, and fun. For me, this has to be dyeing Easter eggs for the holiday. Whether as a child or an adult, I always look forward to the PAAS Kit that gives you the little tablets that get all fizzy in vinegar, the clear crayon to write names on the eggs, and stickers and other fun decorative elements for the eggs. As an adult, dyeing Easter eggs takes me back to my childhood and fun, simple, family memories that I appreciate keeping alive for myself all these many years later.

Of course, there are many ways to dye Easter eggs that have nothing to do with PAAS. I remember the year that I lived in Australia and went to the grocery store at Easter time to find my PAAS kit. After scouring the store for what seemed like forever, I ended up asking a store manager where the kit was. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. I was in complete disbelief to learn he had never even heard of the PAAS kit. Now, Australia celebrates Easter in a big way, how could they not dye eggs there? “Oh,” he answered, “you want to color your eggs? Check out the food coloring in aisle 8!” That’s right coloring eggs is old school there.

So, I know there are many ways to dye Easter eggs that are much more natural and innovative. In fact, here are ideas for how to make your colors naturally. During these times, when we have a lot more time on our hands, it may be the year to go natural.

For me, I do find this project to be a creative one. To take regular eggs, hardboil them, and color them using a commercial product like PAAS or natural vegetables to make your own dyes, this is a wonderful project to welcome in spring and do something fun to celebrate the season.

Of course, the next thing to do is to hide the eggs and hunt for them. Always fun for the kids, but even adults may have fun hiding and go seeking eggs this year. If this hunt is for adults, make sure to be creative with your hiding places.

Sometimes creativity is sparked by going “old school” and doing something that you did when you were much younger to reconnect with that earlier time in life that was full of simple pleasures. This would be a great week to dye some eggs, hide some eggs, and get in touch with your inner child and how she wants a spark of creativity in her world.