Creativity Burst: Update a Classic Children’s Book

Update a Classic Children's Book

I always loved the Frog and Toad book series and so was sort of delighted to see this updated little chapter for the times we are in today. Give it a read — it will only take you a few minutes and it’s clever!

However, this whole idea sparked a creative idea out of my own imagination. What would be such a fun way to have a creative burst of energy is to reimagine any of our favorite stories from childhood into a modern version of what is going on in the here and now.

Perhaps you think this is only for kids to do — and, yes, I agree rewriting one of their favorite books with characters they love to think about the pandemic or the election year would be a great way to help them process the news of the day.

However, I also think it would be a fun way for adults to reimagine what is going on in their own lives right now. Did you love fairy tales? Well, tell me then, how does your favorite one handle COVID? How does another handle societal unrest? Sometimes by imagining what our characters would do, we can become creative with what we do to handle the times we are living in.

You don’t even need to write it all down, you can simply tell the story to yourself or to friends and family. I was delighted by learning how Frog and Toad handled their out of quarantine adventures. It helps me think of my own experience imaginatively.

And we could all use a little creative imagination right now to help us bear it all.