Creativity Burst: Movement

How often do you move? Oh, sure, I imagine you are walking around, running errands, and doing a whole host of household chores every day, which almost always involves some sort of movement, but does this movement add a burst of creativity to your day?

For me, it all depends. If I am just running from here to there, whether inside or outside my house, without any attention to the fact that my body is in motion then I do not find it creative in the least.

However, when I do notice I am “in action” I find it an easy place to find my creative self.

How? By feeling free to move in all sorts of ways – perhaps I try my latest dance moves from the 80s (ha!), perhaps I straighten up and hold a different gait when I walk, say like a ballerina, perhaps I walk backwards, or perhaps I mimic how someone else is walking in front of me.

I allow playful movement to inspire my steps. I only can do this when I stop my mindless running around and think about all of my daily movement in a creative light. Each time I have explored moving my body differently, it infuses a different energy. All of a sudden, my heart is lighter, my mind is sharper, and my world becomes a little more expansive given how I am moving in it.

If you have never done this before, i.e. bringing different movements to your daily life, perhaps start at home where only you and your nearest and dearest can notice. It may feel less risky and yet still you will have time to process if you feel any more creative from adding movement into your daily mix.

Did you like it? If so, perhaps move out to trying this in public places. It may sound silly, but I have often been asked by others noticing me, “What’s going on?” When I explain, people often try it out with me right there and then.

Movement can fuel a creativity burst. It is available anytime we are moving our bodies and is free!

Give it a whirl!