Book Review: Be More Yoda

Be More Yoda

I feel like my holiday season was full of Yoda! First off, I met Baby Yoda – actually the character is known as “The Child” – on the new Disney show, Mandalorian. For me, he may be a child, but he looks like the grandson of Yoda — thus, he is Baby Yoda to me. He seemed to have the inklings of wisdom like his elders as well. How fun to watch the show and this character.

And then a friend gave me this book for the holiday season – Be More Yoda. In this little coffee table book, one can find all of the wisdom from Yoda, who encourages us all to be mindful in our thinking. I certainly could use these little bite-sized bits of wisdom that Baby Yoda already seems to be taking up.

It’s the usual fare of mindfulness, but done in Yoda fashion. He reminds us:

  • Be present
  • Don’t fear failure
  • Focus your mind
  • Play
  • Be yourself

Basic tenants of mindful living, but what a fun way to deliver the concepts, especially if you love Star Wars and Yoda most of all!

Be More Yoda Indeed!