Book Review: All Are Welcome

Yes You Are Welcome!

I was at a favorite independent bookstore the other day and look what I found? A wonderful children’s book titled, All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold with illustrations by Suzanne Kaufman.

With very few words on the page, this picture book packs a punch with its chorus line on each page, All Are Welcome, and the bright pictures of the children moving through their day from home to school and home again.

It’s a message that I resonate with today — and I particularly liked this passage:

We’re part of a community. Our strength is our diversity. A shelter from adversity.

Wow! Doesn’t that just say it all for all of us?

In a time when people are being divided by their differences, I am reassured to find this beautiful picture book with its simple message teaching the next generation where strength lies in community and reminding the adults to not fear, but to move in and embrace the other.

All Are Welcome Indeed in my practice and in my life.