Book Review: All These Wonders

All These Wonders Book

All These Wonders is a book for the storyteller is each of us.

Are you a storyteller? Every family seems to have a storyteller and perhaps you are the one. If so, then The Moth is for you. I was introduced to it a few years ago when a friend suggested we hit up a story slam one Friday night. She told me we would have to get there very early to get in to the event. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I loved stories and performances and this organization seemed to merge the two.

The Moth is all about storytelling and encouraging each one of us to channel our inner storyteller and present a story, often on a prescribed topic, to an audience of several hundred people. It is random at most of these events who gets to go on stage and tell the story. You don’t think you’ll be called until they pull the name and yours is called.

Hello! Welcome, Storyteller!

So, I love that The Moth now has a series of books that capture some of the stories that have been told over the years under a particular theme. In All These Wonders, it is a compilation of true stories about facing the unknown. Ah, courage! We all need a good dose of it, especially these days when so much is uncertain.

These short stories are easy to read and, well, short, so you can read one a day and pretty much have the book finished pretty quickly without much of a time commitment. However, the time you do give to reading these courageous stories of facing the unknown, may help you face your unknowns as well.

I not only recommend this book to you, but also finding a Moth event and going. If you think you could never tell a story to a crowd of people, I encourage you to think again and perhaps throw your “hat in the ring.” It may be your night to meet a new challenge that feels unknown and uncertain. That’s what The Moth does best. At the very least, read these stories that were delivered on a stage alone somewhere along The Moth’s journey of live events.

Here’s to courage and facing the unknown!